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Mantor is an online community where men can openly share their feelings and challenges, gain perspective, find solutions together, and become even better versions of themselves.

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Why We Exist?

Men face unique situations in the multiple roles they play in their daily lives - as sons, partners, fathers, managers, colleagues or friends. The idea of what it meant to be a man 10 or 20 years ago vs. what it means to be a man today and the expectations that they and the society places on them has changed so much. 

Men that are trying to adapt and grow with time do not need to feel alone or lost! 

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Who is Mantor for?  

  • Men who seek growth, have a keen interest in personal development.
  • Men who are confused, lonely, feel stressed, or guilty.
  • Men with good intentions that care about their families and their loved ones.
  • Men who feel like they have to sacrifice their own dreams.
  • Men yearning to express freely.

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Why An Online Community For Men?

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